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Wine List

HOUSE WINE (Red,White,Rose) BY THE GLASS 125 ml £3.50 / 175 ml £4.50
BOTTLE £14.45
GLASS £3.65 (125ML) / £4.65 (175ML)
Made from selected grape varieties grown in the finest vineyards of Attica Shipped to 150 cities all over the world by Kourtakis S.A., a company dedicated, since 1895, to maintaining the 5.000 year-old Greek winemaking tradition Retsina has its origins in ancient Greece. Flavoured with resin from the Aleppo pine, the wine is unique to Greece. Retsina Kourtaki is the leading brand of this most distinctive wine.

BOTTLE £16.95
A crystal clear dry white wine with fresh green hues. White flower and lavender aromas are the most prominent on the nose. On the palate dry with crisp acidity that gives freshness, which combined with the juicy fruit leads to a pleasant, intense aftertaste.
For over 3,500 years, the volcanic soil of the island of Santorini has lent its characteristic flavour to one of the noblest dry white wine in the Mediterranean. The wine is characterized by its brilliant colour, rich citrus aroma, wonderful balance on the palate and lingering pleasant finish.
The hillside vineyards of Peza are even nowadays delineated by the traditonal ’xerolithias’ (= dry stone walls). This is where we took the name for our Xerolithia from. The xerolithias were built with ’lithous’ (=stones) that were put ’xero’ (=dry, without any water) one onto another to create the natural boundaries for the vineyards and to protect them from erosion.

In the glass it looks bright and straw-yellow. In the nose there are intense aromas of citrus fruits (citron and lime) to meet on an exotic fruits background (pineapple, mango). Mouthful and balanced with the typical fine acidity and minerality of the Vilana.
Full bodied dry red wine is produced from Greece’s premier variety grape Agiorgitiko which has been aged 14 months in oak barrels. It has a gentle tannin and offers a delicate balance between acidity and fruit.
BOTTLE £14.45
GLASS £3.65 (125ML) / £4.65 (175ML)
Dry Red, Medium-bodied. Shiny ruby colour. The discreet aromas of spices and dry fruits, typical of the Kotsifali variety, harmonically mingle with the aromas of tobacco and vanilla from the oak barriques. Balanced and rounded mouth with long-lasting aftertaste.
Many ancient Greek cities in Makedonia, like Pella, Sindos and Pydna, were famous for their excellent wines. Archaeological findings like the Makedonian crater (340 B.C.), which inspired the design of the Makedonikos wine bottle, bear witness to a long wine-growing tradition in this area. Bright ruby red with a hint of violet, a sign of its youth and freshness. Ripe red fruit emerge, as do redcurrant aromas. Soft tannins offer a silky sensation. Red dry wine.
With only 3500 bottles produced each year this is a special and captivating merlot which is a deep purple dry red wine with a remarkable intoxicating aroma of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and pepper with a strong hint of berries.It has been rested in oak barrels from the forests of the Caucusus region of Russia.
A vibrant rose colour with ripe strawberries on the nose and raspberry jam like flavours. Round and full taste with a surprisingly clean finish.
BOTTLE £14.45
GLASS £3.65 (125ML) / £4.65 (175ML)
Golden Legend is a rose semi-dry wine P.G.I. [Protected Geographical Indication] ’Peloponnese’, produced in Nemea from the Local Cooperative Winery. Golden Legend wine is made by Agiorgitiko, the indigenous grape variety of Peloponnese, has pleasant rose color, full boded wine leaving a discreet sweetness on the palate.
Dessert Wine
A ruby-red color; full-bodied, rounded palate showcases the sweetness of dried raisins; the mouth is filled with marvelous Mavrodaphne notes, while the tongue receives a welcome surprise in the guise of this intensely pleasurable versatile wine.

BOTTLE: £18.00
GLASS: £4.50 (125ml) / £5.50 (175 ml)
Sparkling Wine
PROSECCO (Extra dry)
Wine of Italy. International Challenge 2015 - Bronze Wine Winner. Extra dry. This elegant Prosecco Spumante has delicate lemon fruit notes and a refreshingly lively style. Made in the North East of Italy, this delicious Prosecco is a classic sparkling wine for any celebration, special occasion or simply as a treat. It has delicate white stone fruit and lemon flavours and fine bubbles.
Greek Beer and Spirits
In 1880, Greeks who loved the real taste of Ouzo, preferred the special Ouzo produced at the most renowned distillery of the time and stored in the barrel with the number 12. Thus Ouzo 12 was born. To this day, only the finest herbs and seeds are harmoniously blended using the same secret recipe and then double distilled to ensure the exquisite aroma of an Ouzo loved by generations of Greeks. Enjoy Ouzo 12 the Greek way: on ice or chilled with water as a refreshing aperitif.
£3.50 (25ml) / £5.50 (50ml)
The original Greek spirit. METAXA was founded in 1888 by Spyros Metaxa, a man of fearless vision who set out to create the smoothest amber spirit, refusing to give up until his dream had come to fruition. Every drop of METAXA remains true to the founder’s original vision of refined, aromatic smoothness. METAXA 5 Stars has a floral character, revealing notes of muscat and brioche. Appearance: Amber with a golden hue.
£4.00 (25ml) / £6.00 (50ml)
Technical Note: DUNKEL Using our signature method of brewing with Santorini honey and citrus medica. This exquisite light black wheat lager, a private reserve is inspired by the black cliffs of Santorini. The flavour is light, crisp and fresh in contrast to its deep colour.

Colour: Dark chocolate full head, lighter and cleaner than a stout.

Taste: Light toasted rye and pumpernickel then mild smokey honey. Later, sun dried black olives, a hint of bitter chocolate, liquorice, a lasting savoury palette.
MYTHOS BREWERY LTD., is the second largest brewery in Greece. The brewery that created ’Mythos’ in 1997, the first authentically Greek beer, which has won the hearts of Greek and foreign consumers, and changed the market share in the Greek beer market.

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